Top 10 Eye Care Sites & Retailers for June 2017
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Top-Ranked Eye Care Retailers & Offers
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Best Offer is a company owned by an intellectual and scientific research group known as Innovative Visions Products (IVP).  This company deals in fine cosmetics, nanotechnology, ophthalmic and pharmaceutical products and holds many patents.   The president and founder of the company is... read more >
euroLens is a company which sells quality contact lenses at affordable price. They carry famous brands of contact lenses such as: CIBA Vision, Cooper Vision, Johnson & Johnson, Ocular Sciences and Wesley Jessen to name a few. Their top lenses include: 1-Day Acuvue, Acuvue, Acuvue 2, Acuvue Advan... read more >
Myeyewear2go is an online business which sells sun and prescription glasses. The glasses are for men, women, children and  babies that come in the form of Prescription Sunglasses (Mens, Womens), Prescription Eyeglasses (Mens, Womens, Babies), Specialty Glasses (Reading Glasses, Safety Glasses, ... read more >
Eye Care Q&A Threads
Last answer by Julia David 28 months ago: If your problem is that your one eye turns inwards or outwards then treatment for amblyopia will not straighten the eye. Also, if you are older than 8 years old it is inadvisable to undergo treatment for amblyopia. However, if your orthoptist/optometrist/ophthalmologist suggests amblyopia treatment,... read more
Asked by Marie A. 41 months ago in | 2 answers
Last answer by Dr. Souvik Chatterji 54 months ago: Dear Kaleidoscope Acres, thanks a lot for the reply. There is a lot of logic in the argument. Warm regards, Dr. Souvik Chatterji read more
Asked by Dr. Souvik Chatterji 55 months ago in | 2 answers
Last answer by Irene Nevins 55 months ago: @BlogWriter Certain times of the year like spring and fall, I too suffer with dry eyes and irritation caused by foreign "junk" collecting along my inner lids. The solution is to use eye drops. Formulas for dry eyes are ok for use in the morning and at night like Visine Tears Natural Tears Formula L... read more
Asked by BlogWriter 56 months ago in | 8 answers